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Pete List, exec chef of Beatrice & Woodsley, on handling customer complaints, the pitfalls of social-network review sites and the feathers that flew in his kitchen

Pete List Beatrice & Woodsley 38 South Broadway 303-777-3505

"If I could get away with putting shit on a shingle, I would." Pete List, the executive chef of Beatrice & Woodsley, is reminiscing about growing up in a family of formidable home cooks, who had no qualms about serving "shit on a shingle" -- military slang for creamed chipped beef on toast, a dish that List, who also admits to a fetish for bread pudding, pot roast and slow-cooked meats, says was a dinner-table ritual. "We had chipped beef on toast once a week, on Sundays. It was a typical Sunday supper," he says.

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