Peteybird Turns Ice Cream Sandwich Cart Into Brick-and Mortar Shop

A box of ice cream sandwiches from Peteybird.EXPAND
A box of ice cream sandwiches from Peteybird.
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Sure we already had our first snow, but is it ever too cold for ice cream sandwiches? At the newly launched Peteybird at 3040 Blake Street in RiNo, owner Pete Bredemann thinks not.

"The ice cream sandwich should be a dessert served and enjoyed at any occasion," says Bredemann. "Our mission is to make the best ice cream sandwiches in the world and have them included in the dessert conversation with dessert mainstays like cookies and cupcakes."

The style of these tiny, hand-held creations proves a little different from your average ice cream sandwich. For starters, the dish is small enough that you can order a flight of four and taste the cold, sweet rainbow without filling up. Right now that could include a combination of chocolate and fresh mint chocolate chip; oatmeal and pumpkin with candied walnuts; or sugar and strawberry with sprinkles.

The Key lime ice cream and graham cracker cookie sandwich at Peteybird.EXPAND
The Key lime ice cream and graham cracker cookie sandwich at Peteybird.

"We’ve tried a lot of unique flavor combinations over the years, and if people like it, it stays on the menu," Bredemann adds. "Brownie cookie and salted caramel ice cream has been the most popular sandwich since day one, four years ago. Graham cracker cookie and Key lime ice cream has also had great staying power."

Bredemann got his start making these delightful gourmet treats back in 2009 after a search for the perfect ice cream sandwich left him hungry for a better and less messy dessert. It took him years to perfect his creation. Then finally, in 2013, he settled on a masterpiece and decide to leave his job as an engineer to start Peteybird by peddling — and pedaling — the ice cream sandwiches in Denver from a customized bike. For years he delivered these goodies around town, and now Bredemann has a solid place to call home.

"We wanted a place that we could connect with our enthusiastic customers on a regular basis as well as a place they knew they could visit when that ice cream sandwich craving hit them," he says.

Ice cream sandwich at Peteybird in RiNo.EXPAND
Ice cream sandwich at Peteybird in RiNo.

The brick and mortar store has already opened, but to celebrate, Bredemann is throwing a party at Peteybird on Saturday, October 14. During regular business hours, from noon to 9 p.m., the venue will offer $1 ice cream sandwiches, and the first fifty patrons can enter a contest to win free ice cream sandwiches for a whole year. It's a sweet change for Bredemann, who has been lucky enough to turn a passion into a solid business that makes everyone happy.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.