Pho 4 U opening in the chain-ganged River Point at Sheridan

Yesterday, while driving down Hampden, I noticed a sign for a forthcoming Texas Roadhouse, just one of many chains that gang the River Point at Sheridan, a mega-mall sprawl at Hampden and Santa Fe that gives shoppers at Super Target and Costco the opportunity to chow at Chili's, Subway, Panera Bread Company, the millionth Chick-fil-A (you know...I've never been to a Chick-fil-A) and Carl's Jr.. Not a particularly alluring lineup, is it?

But then I spotted a banner with the words "Pho 4 U coming soon."

Pho 4 U, which is a hilarious name for a restaurant (pho joints sweep the floor when it comes to conversation-piece names), is not, from what I can gather, a chain, although there is a Pho 4 U in Cerritos, California. But that restaurant is not opening a second location in Denver, which means that the owners of the Denver Pho 4 U may want to make sure that they don't encounter naming issues. Then again, it's not Nobu.

In any case, the Vietnamese restaurant, grill and noodle house, located at 3610-C River Point parkway, has taken over a former chain -- Fatburger (that lineage of stores is now called Epic Grill) -- and while the interior currently remains the same, and the "Last Great Hamburger Stand" Fatburger slogan is still inked in neon red on the walls, there's a flood of paperwork taped to the inside of one of the windows indicating that a remodel is in the works.

Burgers, be gone!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.