Pho 95 issues a $35 Pho King challenge

Pho 95, which opened last weekend at the Streets of SouthGlenn, 6879 South Vine Street, has issued a challenge that will likely bowl over -- literally -- anyone who takes the plunge.

Owner Aaron Le figures that inhaling two pounds of rice noodles, two pounds of meat (brisket, tendon, flank, rare steak, filet mignon -- your choice), a gallon and a half of broth and an oblong plate bundled with vegetables and herbs is a doable feat -- even if no one has yet to lick the bowl clean. "We've had a few people come close, but so far, we're still looking for the Pho King," says Le, who's offering a "I am a Pho King Champion" T-shirt, wall of fame photo and your pho for free if you can manage to demolish the bowl in 30 minutes or less. Good luck with that.

The majority of you who try to wrap your spoon and chopsticks around this will likely waddle off with a pink "I am a Pho King Loser" T--shirt and $35 less to your name, since that's how much the pho bowl costs if you give up and give in.

If you're a warrior with an addiction to food battles -- and want to partake in this one -- then you need to give Le a heads up at least two days in advance. Does Le think anyone's up for the challenge? "Pho sure," he says.

If you want to participate (at your own risk), call 303-797-9535.

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