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Pho on 6th now open

Since I couldn't get a pho-kin takeout menu from the hostess at Pho on 6th -- "Sorry, we don't have any," she mumbled -- I had no choice but to steal borrow a freshly laminated real menu, which I swiped off the bar (hey, at least I'm honest about my thievery) just before bumping into, and nearly knocking down, an imposing Buddha statue guarding the front door.

I only make mention of the menu episode because it irritates the hell out of me when restaurants open in neighborhoods with, like, lots of people and houses and kids and dogs and squirrels and sidewalks chalked with hopscotch, and the geniuses running those restaurants don't stop to think that, you know, the people living in their neighborhood might want a to-go menu so they can, you know, plan to return to order food. Or make paper airplanes. Or at least shove the menu in a drawer with all the other menus from the hood. For the record, I wasn't the only one making inquiries: in between lifting the menu and bolting for the door, I witnessed two other people (NEIGHBORHOOD people) also asking for to-go menus.

Anyway, Pho on 6th opened on Friday, May 1, at 1312 East Sixth Avenue in a space that's seen a lot of restaurants come and go, most recently Hue Asian Bistro. But Pho on 6th may have staying power, if for no other reason than it's inexpensive, with nothing on the menu over $12. Seriously, when was the last time you saw Federal Boulevard prices on ritzy Sixth Avenue? I like the menu, too, a simple and straightforward catch-all of dim sum, pho, Vietnamese rice noodle bowls and noodle wraps.

Just one question, though: If you're going to call yourself Pho on 6th, wouldn't it make sense to offer more than a measly three phos?

That just seems like a pho-pah.

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Lori Midson
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