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Photos: Drip opens in the Beauvallon

"Denver is an amazing coffee city," says Chris Dohse, manager of Drip Denver, "and we're excited to be part of its coffee culture."

Not long ago, the future of dining and retail at the beleaguered Beauvallon building looked bleak. But with Drip, which just opened its doors on Monday in the former home of Aviano Coffee, joining a lineup that includes relative long-timer Japoix, the opened-last-month DiFranco's and the soon-to-open Attivo, the complex could again become an actual destination -- and the smell of good coffee wafting along Lincoln won't hurt, either.

Drip is currently brewing coffee roasted by Pablo's, but Dohse plans to make the cafe a showcase of Colorado roasters and brewing methods. "One of the things I love about coffee is that all over the world you get different traditions and different types of coffee," he says. "Whatever coffee experience you enjoy, we can provide that."

In addition to offering pour-overs, espresso and, of course, drip coffee, Drip's iced brew and iced specialty drinks are all made with the smooth, cold-brewing Toddy system. Drip even tops cold drinks with its in-house, espresso-infused whipped cream.

Drip Denver opens at 6 a.m. every morning, and if you come in this week and mention this post, you get a buck off any espresso drink. (Beauvallon residents always get 10 percent off of their bill.)

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