Photos: DSTILL filled the McNichols building with this state's most liquid assets

Hundreds of people packed the first -- but certainly not last, and defintiely sold-out -- DStill, "An American Craft Spirit & Cocktail Showcase," at the McNichols building last night, drinking in the atmosphere...and drinking up some of this state's most liquid assets. The event was a triumph for the Colorado Distillers Guild, which partnered with the Denver Bartenders Guild and Eat Denver to put on the event; it happened to coincide with the American Distilling Institute's tenth anniversary Craft Spirit Conference in town this week.

The number of craft distilleries in Colorado has doubled over the past two years, to more than forty today. "I can only say I feel damn fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people, passionate about their craft and committed to putting out only the highest quality, small-batch distilled spirits that they are proud to put their names on," CDG president Rob Masters said in his greeting to DSTILL guests. "As our industry grows and life gets busy, we remind ourselves of the importance of coming together."

And come together they did. Keep reading for photos of this amazing night.

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For more photos, visit our full DStill slide show.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.