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Photos: Zanzibar Billiards Club turns badass -- Solids & Stripes Badass Billiards, that is

In more ways than one, the shots simply weren't falling for Zanzibar Billiards Club. But after receiving a royal red, white and blue renovation from Jon Taffer and Spike TV's Bar Rescue crew, the bar -- now known as Solids & Stripes Badass Billiards -- is ready for another crack at the billiards business.

Over the last five days, Solids & Stripes was subjected to an intense evaluation as part of Bar Rescue's surveillance and "Stress Test" stages, which owner Ami Benari says was "extremely hectic, but at the same time exciting." And last night, the bar's new look was introduced at a grand-reopening party. Keep reading to see the patriotic transformation.

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Kalen Deremo
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