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Pinche Tacos new name suggestions are rolling in like donkeys

Since launching a contest earlier this week seeking a new name for its 16th Street Mall food cart, Pinche Tacos has been receiving an influx of suggestions via its Facebook page (as well as our post).

The name Pinche Tacos, while earlier passing muster with the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District, was later jilted when a Spanish-speaking member alerted the rest of the committee to the English translation of the mischievous name.

Funny thing is, most of the new suggestions are as naughty as the original, and quite a few commenters think Pinche Tacos should just hang on to its original name. Others have put forth new pitches that riff on "pinche" or on the Pinche Tacos donkey logo.

Here are our five favorite suggestions tossed into the mix so far, regardless of their suitability for the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District:

1) Donkey Haute Tacos (Get it?)

2) Chingon Tacos ("Chingon" is roughly equivalent to "badass.")

3) Pinch Me Tacos (Kinda dirty.)

4) Pinchy Tacos

5) "What if you make the 16th Street cart 'Pincher [sic] Tacos' and replace the donkey with a Doberman?" one commenter writes.

Another commenter adds, "This is only a swear word in Mexico. If we are going to hold up to those standards, no one should be selling a 'bloody' Mary on 16th Street Mall, as that is an offensive word in England."

Think you've got a winning name yourself? "Like" Pinche Tacos on Facebook and start lobbing suggestions. The chosen one will win either a year's worth of weekly free lunches or a catering package worth $500. Voting continues through June 4.

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