Pop's place opened the first week of April 2016.EXPAND
Pop's place opened the first week of April 2016.
Mark Antonation

Pop's Place Closes at 21st and Lawrence Streets

Chef Stephen Kleinman, a mentor to many a talented cook in Denver over the years, opened Pop's Place at 2200 Lawrence Street in April with Jim Pittenger, owner of Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs. The two took over the restaurant space vacated by Lower48 Kitchen late last year, hoping to lure neighbors from the array of new apartments, condos and townhomes mushrooming up on the surrounding blocks. But last night, Pittenger shared this message on Facebook:

And unfortunate it is; Pop's Place had brought a unique, all-day eatery — one good enough to make our list of the ten best breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurants — to the neighborhood, one that served a combination of comfort food, regional American dishes and creative breakfast items. The space, located on the ground floor of the 2020 Lawrence apartment building, has only been home to two restaurants in its short history, but that's two restaurants that have opened and closed there in less than three years. 

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