Potager's Teri Rippeto raises a kitchen garden -- and goats!

After I've eaten a few times -- sometimes numerous times -- at a restaurant that I plan to review, I find it helpful to talk to the chef so that I understand his or her vision and inspiration. We always chat by phone, to preserve my anonymity, and it's never easy finding a good time to converse without interruptions. But Teri Rippeto, chef-owner of Potager, fit me in on a day packed with more than the usual prep work and staff meetings. See also: - Best Restaurant Patio 2013: Potager - Can Triple M Bar's flock create a Colorado lamb comeback? - Gretchen Kurtz dishes up a few words on her philosophy

When I finally caught up with her, Rippeto had spent a busy morning taking care of not vendors or recipes, but -- get this -- baby goats. "They had to have their first shots today," she said, before sharing how attached she'd become to them, and how hard it was to think of giving them away to other homes.

Find out if the food at her Capitol Hill restaurant triggers the same amount of passion after all these years -- sixteen, to be exact -- when my review of Potager is posted here tomorrow.

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