Reader: A chile relleno in an eggroll wrapper, really?

A traditional chile relleno is soft, but some people like a crispy variation. And then there's a version unique to Denver: the relleno in an eggroll wrapper. "I've had chiles rellenos stuffed with cream cheese in Arizona copper country, with ground meat in Oaxacan dives, with quinoa in hippie places," says Gustavo Arellano, author of Taco USA. "But in my travels across the U.S., the only place I've ever found them wrapped in wonton paper is in Denver. Next to the Mexican hamburger, Den-Mex at its finest!"

And the finest example of this style may well be the relleno at La Fiesta, which has been serving it for fifty years. This relleno rates as one of our 100 Favorite Dishes, but one reader isn't impressed.

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Says Denver Dave:

I am fully prepared to take some heat for this, but there is nothing right about that picture. First of all, a chile relleno in an eggroll wrapper, really? And you think it's a good thing? Unbelievable. And, that "green chile" looks very sad and watery and lacking in the main ingredient.

Just one New Mexico boy's humble opinion, though.

Do you like your chiles relleno crispy -- eggroll crispy? Or soft, like the chiles relleno at El Chingon? Post your opinions -- humble or not -- below, and read Gretchen Kurtz's review of El Chingon here.

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