Sushi + burritos = Komotodo.
Sushi + burritos = Komotodo.
Mark Antonation

Reader: A Delicious Love Child Between Kona Grill and Chipotle — Sign Me Up!

On Friday we published our Restaurant Roll Call for October, a compendium of all the restaurant openings and losings around town over the past month. Win some, lose some: On the last day of October, Ian Kleinman finally got his Inventing Room open at 2200 Lawrence Street — but the restaurant next door, the award-winning Lower48 Kitchen, has announced that it's throwing in the kitchen towel and will close on November 7.

Rise & Shine started cooking on October 31 in northwest Denver, giving rise to some great biscuits. (Hint: Doors open at 7 a.m. this morning.) Still, the opening that created the biggest buzz? Alonzo Martinez's Komotodo, a fast-casual sushi/burrito joint that's now on a roll in Writer Square. Says Lincoln:

So, basically a delicious love child between Kona Grill and Chipotle. Sign me up. 

Have you already had a sushi burrito? What's your favorite new spot in town?


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