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Reader: A Dumb Rule Keeps In-N-Out Burger Away From Denver

Ah, In-N-Out Burger. Ask Denver residents what they're hungry to see in this city, and the name of the iconic California burger chain inevitably pops up. In fact, In-N-Out cropped up in two different westword.com conversations yesterday: one about what could go into the Wurstkuche location at 2036 Broadway (In-N-Out would "kill it here," says one reader), and another talking about eleven coveted restaurant spaces in Denver that are currently vacant, including the former home of Griff's. Says Jermaine:
An In-N-Out would be amazing at the Griff's spot. Too bad we can't start that franchise here.
Asks Nick:
 Why can't they start that franchise here?
Explains Tyler:
The closest distro center is about 700 miles away, and they refuse to open any restaurant that's more than 500 miles away from a distributor. Dumb rule, but that's just how it is.
Thanks for that explanation, Tyler. Of course, dumb rules are made to be broken. After all, this was the same reason that Trader Joe's was never going to come here — and now there are several stores in the metro area, with more to come.

Would you like to see In-N-Out in Denver?
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