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Reader: After To the Wind Vandalism, Maybe We Should Eat Vegans Instead

On Tuesday night, the owners of To the Wind Bistro were accepting an Exceptional Newcomer award from the Colorado Restaurant Association at a gala evening. The next morning Royce Oliveira, who owns the tiny spot with his wife, was scrubbing "MEAT IS MURDER" off the front window of To the Wind, scrawled there by vegan vandals. Ah, the glamour of the restaurant life. The responses were fast and often furious, starting with the "Tasty, Tasty Murder" note that someone added to the original graffiti — a message Oliveira says he may leave up. Says Ian:
Love the subtext "Tasty, tasty murder." And hate that someone who started on the right track - reducing the effect of their diet on the environment - went full dumbass and discredited their entire movement with a Trump-style crass oversimplification of their message at some hard-working small shop owner's expense.
Adds William: 
Eat what you want, I'll eat what I want. Don't like it? Tough.

I see your protests. I do try to eat only organic and humanely raised and killed meats. But every time I see stuff like this? Makes me want to eat a steak, egg, bacon and sausage breakfast. Just to spite them.

Concludes Craig: 
Maybe we should eat vegans instead.

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