Reader: All-V's gone? Sorry to see a non-franchise business hang it up

The last All-V's has closed. Long before Subway, Quizno's, Snarf's or Heidi's were doing it, All-V's was dishing up hearty hoagies to the work-day crowd in its diner-like environment. At one point, there were several shops in metro Denver; the location on East Eighth Avenue was the last one left, and a sign in the windoe reads, "We put everything we had into All-V's, but unfortunately it just wasn't enough." Another sign, this one posted by Colorado Department of Revenue, says this: "Warning: this property has been seized for nonpayment of taxes."

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News of the closing brought other messages and memories, like this from Hubert:

Man, that griddle had the flavor! Their hot turkey sandwich with avocado was fantastic...side of fresh fries, with parm. so good.

Or this from Sam:

Drag. Loved that place. They changed the meatballs a couple years ago, so I hadn't been back as often, but I loved it in its heyday.

And Pam sums it up:

Haven't eaten there in such a long time...Still, sorry to see a non-franchise business hang it up.

What non-franchise sandwich shops are left? Post your favorite below.

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