The original home of the Original Chubby's Burger Drive-Inn.
The original home of the Original Chubby's Burger Drive-Inn.
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Reader: At Chubby's, a True Cross-Section of Humanity Waiting for Chile Cheese Fries

If you weren't already there at 2 a.m. this morning, getting some emergency to-go food to soak up the alcohol, it could be time to head to the Original Chubby's Burger Drive-Inn, which is not in the original Chubby's building (that disappeared earlier this week), but in a new structure that opened in December in the former parking lot of the original Chubby's. For fifty years, people would jam the tiny waiting area of the one-time burger joint, waiting for something, anything, smothered by Stella Cordova's hot green chile.
Says Mark: 

A true cross-section of humanity waiting for chile cheese fries.

There's a dining room in the new spot. But that's not all that's changed, says Richard:

Food has changed dramatically. I've been going to Chubby's for over thirty years and now it's sad to see it go downhill. No more hot "Original" Chubby's chile. Been there half a dozen times since new opening and smothered fries are no longer smothered fries. CHILE overall is no longer the same!!! What a huge loss, and I could only imagine how many customers feel the same and will no longer return.

But then there's this from Adrienne: 

New and improved, yo!!!!!!!! Go have some!!!!

Have you been to the new Original Chubby's? What do you think of the food? The atmosphere?

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