Reader: Bad Daddy's meets every requirement for a typical, bland burger chain

Colorado's first Bad Daddy's Burger Bar opened Monday in Cherry Creek, in the former home of Tony P's. The chain was founded by Frank Scibelli, who opened the company's first Bad Daddy's in North Carolina in 2007; this location is a partnership between Scibelli and Boyd Hoback, the president and CEO of Denver-based Good Times. "We were looking for another growth concept -- we looked at dozens around the country -- and we really liked what we saw in Bad Daddy's, in particular that it's a chef-driven restaurant," Hoback told Lori Midson. "It has management that wanted to stay involved, and because of its past success, we believe it has the ability to do a lot of sales."

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But is that a good thing? Says WillieStortz:

It looks like they have it all: old movie posters on the wall, random license plates, distressed wood behind the bar, wacky crazy burger choices and the ultra trendy garage door.

Yep, they have hit every requirement for the typical, bland, boring, burger chain, sports bar.

But then, Bad Daddy's also has big burgers like this: If the burger is good, do the surroundings really matter? How do you think Bad Daddy's will do in Cherry Creek?

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