Reader: Bros vs Hipsters, Best BBQ, Something Weed-Related, Over and Over...

It's been a tough year for barbecue in this town. Up on Tennyson Street, Big Hoss Bar-B-on Tennyson is locked up tight; when the space reopens later this week, it will be as Tennyson Street Barbecue. The Big Papa's mini-chain is gone altogether, and although Country Time promises to continue catering, that little shack of 285 is now empty. Which means there's an opening on September's list of the town's ten best barbecue joints.

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There's no shortage of nominations. Says Chris:

Another BIG thumbs up for Smoking Yards in Idaho Springs, the only place I go...

Says Tajia:

Absolutely LOVE Big Jims bbq truck in Parker!!!!

But where there's smoke, there's ire. Says Anthony:

Westwood: bros vs hipsters, who has the best bbq, something weed related..... Over, and over, and over.......

Hmmm....what is this "Westwood" publication you refer to, Anthony? And where do you go for barbecue?

Read more barbecue suggestions here, and post your own nominations for the town's best below.

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