Reader: Buffalo Doughboy a victim of Best of Denver curse?

Buffalo Doughboy won the Best Bakery award in the Best of Denver 2010. Business boomed, and last April the bakery moved out of its tiny spot in a Victorian home off Broadway for a space three times as large, and a mile south on Broadway itself. And yesterday, Buffalo Doughboy announced on Facebook that it was in need of your dough.

Business has fallen off....badly. Is it the economy? A lousy economy on Broadway? Or the curse of winning a Best of Denver award? See also: -- Buffalo Doughboy needs your dough! - Best Bakery 2010: Buffalo Doughboy - Best of Denver Readers' Poll: The 2013 Food & Drink finalists

Says Denver Dave:

Well, Westword does own some of this problem. Giving "Best of" awards to little, independent businesses can be a blessing or a curse. In this case it was definitely a curse because they chose to relocate to a pretty undesirable location and recent reviews aren't all so positive - some service and organization issues dealing with the much larger space. Plus it seems like everyone is friggin' gluten free/low carb these days - not good news for bakeries.

Have an idea for why the new Buffalo Doughboy is falling flat? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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