Reader: Can't wait to have a beer on that awesome Wash Park patio!

While residents and users of Washington Park gear up for a fight over the proposed ban of 3.2 beer -- the only alcohol allowed -- from the park, another site of strife in the neighborhood seems relatively calm. It's been a couple of years since Brown Dog Pizza finally gave up on opening a pizza place in a former mechanic's garage at 1001 South Gaylord Street; instead, that spot became home to Il Vicino, a New Mexico-based pizza joint. But Il Vicino recently went dark, and now Jean-Philippe Failyau, owner of Park Burger and Park and Co., has taken on the space for a new concept: Homegrown Tap & Dough, a "family-friendly place with wood-fired, thin-crusted classic and modern pizzas, pastas, antipasto, salads, a couple of main dishes -- think brick chicken -- and a great beer program." See also: -Homegrown Tap & Dough replacing Il Vicino in Washington Park -Washington Park alcohol ban pushed to address "drunken, belligerent behavior

How will that play in Washington Park? Says Skid:

I was hoping a trendy restaurant specializing in GMO offal would take that spot.

But most readers seem ready to welcome this homegrown concept to the neighborhood. Says Greg:

That is a great space. Can't wait to have a beer on that awesome patio.

Just make sure it's not 3.2!

How do you feel about the Washington Park neighborhood? The proposed ban on beer in the park?

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