Reader: Can't wait to see what opens next on Old South Gaylord

Old South Gaylord has changed a lot over the past two decades. And at the end of October, the block will see another big change: Japon will close on Halloween. "We've had eighteen great years serving our loyal customers, many of whom have become close friends," says owner Miki Hashimoto. But while he's leaving his space on Old South Gaylord, he's not getting out of the business altogether, and hopes to have a new restaurant in another location next year. "I have some great new ideas and concepts that I'm exploring that Denver hasn't seen," he promises. See also: Japon rolls up veggie sushi -- and salad, soup and more

And what will we see next on Old South Gaylord?

Says ninja69:

Can't wait to see what opens here. The Tavern Wash Park South? Sushi Den East? No doubt whatever it is the flock of pretentious Californian ass suckers that have taken up residence in the area will love it.

What do you think of the changes in the Old South Gaylord neighborhood? What would you like to see open in the Japon space?

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