Word of Mouth

Reader: Chaotic Concept Adds Up to a Good Time at Mas Kaos

Gretchen Kurtz just reviewed Mas Kaos, Patrick Mangold-White's new restaurant in the Berkeley neighborhood that specializes in both pizza and tacos — and tequila. Drink enough of that and the combination seems completely reasonable (and as Mark Antonation discovered, other restaurants around town specialize in the Mexican-Italian combo). But even for sober diners, Mas Kaos definitely has mass appeal — including a great patio that will open at 11:30 a.m. for this sunny October weekend.

Here's how reader Dave assesses Mas Kaos:
1. Happy Hour 1130-1800
2. Most of the tacos
3. Pizza
4. Salad
5. Service
6. Patio

1. Chorizo taco
2. Grinder. Is a horrible joke.
Adds Joe:

The bar and patio alone are reason to go there. Food? Bonus!
What do you think of the Mas Kaos concept? Read Gretchen Kurtz's review of Mas Kaos here.
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