Reader: Cherry Creek is no more than a large convenience store for aging, unwelcoming locals

Tony P's closed in Cherry Creek this past weekend, and while owner Tony Pasquini has certainly had a tough couple of years, his family feud might have been less a factor in the restaurant's closing than the location of this Tony P's: Cherry Creek. That's the theory of one reader, at least.

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Says rawdoggin:

This says more to me about the deep sucking sound that Cherry Creek has produced for businesses over the past 15 years and less about this particular restaurant. Difficult to access and even more ridiculous to park in, Cherry Creek is no more than a large convenience store for an aging and unwelcoming local population. Just look at the shops that still stand. There are exceptions, and it is certainly the prerogative of the locals, but if the Cherry Cricket closes, I say we sell Cherry Creek to China for $10.32.

But would China pay it? What do you think of the Cherry Creek dining scene?

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