Reader: Cherry Creek is the Indian burial ground of restaurants

Before we move on to controversies in other restaurant neighborhoods, we're taking one more turn around Cherry Creek.

That's where Rodney's closed this weekend, prompting Denver Dave to say that Cherry Creek North is "just becoming another food court in any mall USA."

That rallied the CCN defenders, including JPL35, who offered this:

There is also a new pizza restaurant, famous from the Bay Area, called Patxi's, opening. Not sure if it's good but it's not a chain. Also, Machete is killing it!! Yes, Rodney's had a good run but now it's over and others will come along and shine.

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Hmmm...a Chicago-style pizza place out of the Bay Area opening a spot in Cherry Creek? Sounds like a link in a chain to us (even if the pizza is delicious).

But in his comment, Firkin focuses on the new spots that have already opened in Cherry Creek:

Machete, Margs, La Merise, theHawt Dog, Tony P.'s, Phat Thai.

Yeah, and how many of these places will still be there in 18 months? One or two, maybe?

Cherry Creek: the old Indian burial ground of restaurant neighborhoods.

Which restaurants will survive in Cherry Creek? Can the pies frmo Patxi's compete with those from Tony P's? And what spots would work in this neighborhood? Post your thoughts below.

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