Reader: Denver Doesn't Need Godfather's — We Want White Castle!
White Castle

Reader: Denver Doesn't Need Godfather's — We Want White Castle!

The return to Denver of Godfather's Pizza has people talking about all the other places they'd like to see back in town — or come here for the first time. Says Michael: 

Denver has more than enough pizza places already. It doesn't need any more. Godfather's adds no value whatsoever here. Now, you bring in a White Castle to the Denver metro area, you will need police in riot gear to control the crowds that will turn out. You think Krispy Kreme was big? That was nothing.

Adds Jay: 

Bring back Shakey's Pizza. Give me an In-N-Out Burger. Give me a White Castle!

Concludes Lora: 

White Castle would be excellent in Denver!

What would you like to see in Denver? In-N-Out is always a crowd-pleaser, but White Castle clearly has fans, too. And remember, they used to say we'd never get a Trader Joe's — and now stores are popping up all along the Front Range.

Never experienced White Castle? Find out more at whitecastle.com.

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