Reader: Denver needs more foreign food from more far-flung places

Mecca Grill was a longtime go-to spot for Lebanese food in Denver. Under new owners, it's turning the focus to Morocco. In her review of Mecca Grill, Gretchen Kurtz says that while you'll still find worthy Lebanese dishes there, she's also longing for more Moroccan food -- and other ethnic cooking in short supply here. Readers came up with their own wish list: Caribbean, African, Czech, "actual Texas-style BBQ." See also: Review of Mecca Grill, which is changing course from Morocco to Lebanon

Says Michael:

Well, from the "Captain Obvious" file, it needs a White Castle ASAP. Other than that, more foreign food from more far-flung corners of the world. There was a mall in Michigan by where I grew up that was called Tally Hall. It was just a massive food court with food from 58 different countries around the world, all under one roof. It was the most amazing thing you have ever seen. Now, if they could build one of those in Denver, that would be incredible!

Tally Hall? Sounds like a mammoth version of the old Yum Yum Tree -- imagine an updated version in the Source. What else does Denver need? Post your suggestions below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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