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Reader: Denver's Dive Bars Are Turning Into Trendy Hipster Hangouts

Are Denver's dive bars an endangered species? Classic watering holes are drying up as developers buy the buildings that house them or new owners decide to renovate them into more upscale spots. But Denver still has some great dives, and we just poured out our ten favorites in the Ten Best Dive Bars in Metro Denver. But one reader doesn't see any shortage of dives. Says Blain: 
A good dive bar is hard to find? What Denver do you live in?
Replies Steve:
It's getting harder every year. More and more are either getting torn down to build condos or turned into trendy hipster hangouts.
Adds Lawrence:
Those are hardly dive bars! Nob Hill is a dive bar!
Concludes Brett: 
Just because people get stabbed outside of it doesn't make it a dive bar. Sheesh.
Well, it doesn't hurt. We covered last year's stabbing incident outside the Nob Hill; a savvy bartender ran to the victim's rescue. And last month, the Hangar Bar, another dive on our top-ten list, was the site of another stabbing. The victim is doing fine, we hear, and the bar hasn't missed a beat. Now, that's a true dive.

What's your favorite dive bar in Denver?
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