Reader: Denver's Fried Taco Could Be a Version of Mexico's "Costra"

As we celebrated tacos last week, we reported that the fried taco — a particularly juicy, greasy concoction glued together with melted American cheese — was created decades ago in Denver, and lives on at Mexico City Lounge and El Toro. But Nick has another version of the story:

In Mexico, especially Mexico City, there is a dish called a "costra" (means "crust"). It is basically like what the Italians call a frico, a disc of grilled cheese, thin and crisp, that acts as a second or surrogate tortilla on a taco. My guess is that this is the likely origin and that the version at this restaurant is an easier version of that. Also, Jimboy's Tacos out of California has been doing a crisp taco shell coated with cheese since the '50s.

Have you tried the fried tacos at Mexico City and El Toro? Have you seen anything like them in any other town? If so, use the comments section to tell us where — and also let us know your favorite taco in Denver.

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