Chicken wings at LoHi SteakHouse.
Chicken wings at LoHi SteakHouse.
Lori Midson

Reader: Don't Go to Sports Bars That Serve Good Wings — Leaves More for Me

The chicken stories were really flying this week. Mark Antonation visited Welton Street Cafe for the start of an Ethniche series on soul food, although he focused on the pork chops rather than the fried chicken. Patricia Calhoun reported that the White Fence Farm has signed the first members of its farm team of to-go chicken places: one in the Pepsi Center, one in Green Valley Ranch, which boasts the King Soopers that sells the most fried chicken in the grocery-store chain. And Jenn Wohletz, who loves chicken wings but is no fan of sports bars, visited Woody's Wings II on Havana Street, a place with good bird and no bros. Her assessment inspired this from milleralexjames:

By all means, don't go to the sports bars that serve GOOD wings 'cause you're scared of a loud television or someone having fun with their friends. Leaves more wings for me.

When you want good fried chicken in Denver, where do you go? What about when you're craving just the chicken's wings? 

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