Reader: Don't hate PBR because of hipsters

Our "Ten beers to stop drinking by 30" project flowed from a thirsty, beer-thirty, Friday afternoon discussion in the office.

The post has inspired numerous recommendations and comments, including several wondering why PBR, which became so hip a decade ago, did not make the list. To which Nate 5280 responded:

Hating something because a certain group likes it is far more ridiculous in my opinion than liking something just because a certain group likes it. Try a PBR/High Life blind tasting sometime, just for the fun of it. Hell throw in an extra gold and maybe something else. You will only be down a few bucks and at least will know what you are talking about if you want to continue to slam one or the other. PBR by far is in the lead with people I know that have done this. Extra Gold also ranks pretty high.

And, no, I am not a hipster and have been drinking PBR before it caught on with its new wave of fans. I just am lucky it is more common now when I want a light beer instead of an IPA, belgian, etc i drink on a more regular basis, and even luckier it is usually the cheapest option. Why worry if others are drinking it for the label?

We'll drink to that!

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