Word of Mouth

Reader: Eat at Taco House? I'll Take My Chances at Casa Bonita!

Littleton Taco House has been at 1390 West Littleton Boulevard for over fifty years — but we're guessing that the last year was the longest, because the restaurant was closed for thirteen months of repairs and remodeling after storm damage last spring. On Monday, Don and Dora D'Andrea finally welcomed their longtime fans back to the spot. Says Sheridan: 
Great people and good food!! Glad to see it open again!
Others aren't as enthusiastic. Says Gilberto: 
Not authentic Mexican food.
Replies Fernando:
... not authentic food, period.
And Paddy sums it up with this: 
I'll take my chances by going to Casa Bonita.
Have you been to the Littleton Taco House? How would you compare the food to that at other Mexican restaurants?

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