Word of Mouth

Reader: Fast-casual Pierogies Place Is the Best Idea I've Ever Heard!

When he moved from Poland to Denver a decade ago, Cezary Grosfeld realized that few places served the food of his home country, and he jumped into that gap. He opened Polished Tavern in 2011 and also launched a food truck, Pierogies Factory, that visits farmers' markets. And now he's ready to open a brick-and-mortar, fast-casual Pierogies Factory in Wheat Ridge, in a former Bubba Chinos. And pierogies fans are ready to flock to the place, judging from the comments that greeted the news of his project. Says Melissa:
This is the best idea I've ever heard!!! 
Adds Joanna:
I wish there were fine dining Polish restaurants! Why are we relegated to paper napkins, always!!!
Concludes Michael:
Better than that Bubba Chinos.
Are fast-casual pierogies an idea whose time has come in Colorado? Dozens of readers think so; read more of their comments here.

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