Reader: Food writers who recommend crab and cheese wontons sound like hicks

New spots are popping up all over town, including Little Dragon, a Chinese take-out and delivery spot in Mayfair. Jenn Wohletz dropped by and picked up an order of hot-and-sour soup and allegedly healthy, baked crab and cheese wontons.

Is it wrong to crave these wontons?

Says denverdoughboy:

Ugh, I beg beg beg people to stop ordering and Chinese restaurants to stop serving crab and cream cheese wontons! Real Chinese people vomit at the thought of crab and cream cheese combined in any form. And they would slash their wrists over delicate wontons being put in deep fryers (or ovens). Food writers who recommend them sound like tasteless, unrefined hicks. Would you compliment the French restaurant that serves a Burgundy on ice? Would you order a pastrami sandwich slathered with mayo from a kosher deli? Do you put ketchup on your hot dog? Seafood and cheese don't go together, not in Italian food, not in Asian food, but especially not in fried wontons. Thank you.

Is it wrong to want these wontons? How about other clearly American inventions added to ethnic restaurant menus to please blander palates? Post your thoughts below, or under the original post here.

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