Reader: Forget Linger -- for real action, try Lakeview Lounge

There may still be some snow on the ground, but predictions of a warmer weekend have people thinking about patios. And there are plenty of patios to think about around town. Yesterday we offered our suggestions for the five best -- and readers have many, many more (as well as a few quibbles with Linger, our Best Rooftop Patio in 2013, which has lost some of its view).

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Says Ramsey Lewis Flanagan

Good choices but Lakeview Lounge is my choice for best patio. If you like ambiance, they have a great patio. It has picnic tables and old buckets fllled with sand for your cigarette butts and broken glass. Plus you get to people watch from a great vantage point. You can watch the sad, broken homeless men who fish in Sloan's Lake AND the people waiting for the bus. I dare you to find a more action-packed bar at 9:30 on a Monday morning.

Have you been to Lakeview Lounge, at 2375 Sheridan in Edgewater? What's your favorite patio in the metro area? For view? Drinks? Service? Company? Post your suggestions below, or join the conversation here.

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