Reader: Fourteen Seventy-Two shows Gretchen Kurtz writing for top 2 percent of population

There's been a lot of action on South Pearl Street this season, with Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two joining the lineup, bringing low-country cuisine to the Mile High City. But when Gretchen Kurtz reviewed the restaurant last week, she found both highs and lows. But one reader thought her review was a low blow.... See also: - Review: Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two brings low-country cuisine to the Mile High City - Photos: A closer look at Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two

Says itsbootytime:

If I had to guess this critic is some Californian or New Yorker gone Denverite. She obviously is not from Denver and is another critic writing for the top 2% of the population. Well I come from the other 98% and was born and raised in the city of Denver, and visited this restaurant back in October. I will agree they had some kinks to work out, including the sign and several other fairly glaring issues, and the service needed polishing at that time. I also know that they had just opened, and having worked in the industry for years, know that even great servers struggle in new restaurants. I also have been a patron in the birth of many of the neighborhood and local restaurants and bars in Denver and have seen their early struggles and now see many of them thriving today. I think there is a lot of promise for this concept, and hope to see them overcome the usual issues. I personally think this will be a great fit to pearl street and to the city as a whole and will be making a return visit to hopefully look for all the changes and to see this business grow. Overall this article was jaded, and without question the title was a joke, and an embarrassment to any critic. If I could make another prediction I don't see this critic lasting long in our great city. I personally don't want a starbucks on pearl, i like stellas, and hope they ship this small business-hating critic to wherever she came from.

Do you think Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two has been a good addition to South Pearl Street? What else would you like to see on this strip?

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