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Reader: Furr's, Wyatt's and Woolworth's — a Cafeteria of Food Memories!

Recent closings of longtime Denver restaurants — Le Central, Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe and Andre's Confiserie Suisse last year; Jus Cookin's and Trinity Grille just this month — have readers savoring other food memories. While there may be no tastier trip down memory lane than a visit to the Denver Drumstick, Denver diners have no trouble recalling other favorites. Says Ed: 
We used to go to the Drumstick for Sunday lunch when I was a kid. I forget where the one we usually went to was; then it closed and we went to the one on Santa Fe after that — a waitress poured hot coffee on my father there once. They also had a bookcase full of books and an old kid's sci-fi book caught my eye and they let me buy it: Stowaway to the Moon, I still have it. One of them had a model train that ran around the ceiling, too, but I don't remember which location that was, either. There's a chicken place on North Federal called Wishbone that I swear serves the exact same chicken and yellow gravy the Drumstick did. The people who own Wishbone had another location before they opened this one.

My grandmother also used to like the Wyatt's Cafeteria in the old Cherry Creek Shopping Center; then it became Furr's. There was a Furr's near Kipling and 1-70 until a couple of years ago; ate there a couple of times — it wasn't the same. We ate a lot of Friday night dinners at the Woolworth's in Cherry Creek when I was a kid, too. That was when my grandmother would treat herself to a shopping spree every week.
Remembers Christine: 
Cliff Young's Mon Petit, Little Pepina's, Calvin's Before and After, City Spirit, Muddy's and Paris on the Platte. Pagliacci's, Zenith, Valente's, Lafitte and Tante Louise, Chives, and Strings as well...
And Dallas recalls:  
Lotus Room at the old VFW #1, Pizza Oven on Sherman, Kings Kitchen next to King Soopers at Ninth and Downing, Zach's, Humb & Colfax, Volmers bakery, Jim Dandy, Chicken De-Lite, Nick & Pauli's Champa Street Grill behind Woolworths, Woolworths cafeteria, the fountain and grill at Walgreens, Leo's Place, Matador Room at the Cosmo....better stop.
 But there's no reason for you to stop. What long-gone Denver restaurants do you still remember?

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