The future dining/drinking/gaming hall.
The future dining/drinking/gaming hall.
Dungeons & drafts

Reader: Get Ready for the Nerd Army at Dungeons & Drafts

On June 13, Manny and Melissa Garza, veterans of the D.C. intelligence community who've settled in Colorado, will host the grand opening of Dungeons & Drafts, a geek-themed bar and restaurant in Fort Collins. The new pub owners want to create a destination for nerds in Colorado who are looking for a welcoming place to cosplay, grab a bite to eat and play a game or two. And it's a fantasy come true for their eager audience. Says Will:

I have a feeling that this place isn't going to be large enough to house the nerd army at your footsteps.

With nerd army soldiers like Kyrie:

Can I be the dark, shadowy figure sitting in the corner of the tavern, seeking adventurers for my quest? 

Or Michael:


What do you think of the Dungeons & Drafts plan? What other concepts would you like to see on the Denver dining scene?


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