Reader: Green Chile Isn't Real Mexican Food, Anyway

The only thing hotter than good green chile? The discussion over which state has the better version -- New Mexico or Colorado. Mark Antonation is on a verde journey this month in Ethniche, and his recent visit to Tacos Jalisco sparked another round in the NM v. CO debate -- with an interesting side trip. See also: Reader Says Green Chile Might Have Been Invented in New Mexico, But Colorado Perfected it!

Says Nathaniel:

I hate when this discussion comes up. It's stupid that this is something people argue about -- it's not even real Mexican food, anyway.

But it has many fans, in all its variations. For example, Brian wants to know:

Any good sloppers up here? I used to get them all the time when I'd go work in Pueblo but they aren't so popular up here.

We're partial to the slopper at Diego's, an outpost of a Pueblo-based restaurant on the 16th Street Mall. And there's even a decent version at Bonnie Brae Tavern -- if you're partial to very gringo green chile. Read more suggestions here -- where you'll also find many, many more comments on green chile. And why not spill your own thoughts on the subject below?

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