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Reader: I Feel Like I'm in Chain Hell — Surrounded on All Sides by Chains

While there are plenty of independent restaurants hoping to get their doors open before the end of the year, they'll have to move fast to beat the onslaught of chains both coming to Colorado, and growing in Colorado — which has earned a reputation as the birthplace of successful fast-casual concepts. We saw one more start this week: Carve Barbecue, a sibling of Southern Hospitality that just opened on South Colorado Boulevard — for starters.  Says Chris:
 Coming from Lakewood, I feel like I'm in chain hell. Surrounded on all sides by chains. 
Adds Keith:
Denver is the king of chains. ..corporate hq for many of them.
Concludes Dana: 
I'm a fan of mom and pops as much as the next urbanite, but if you don't like chains, don't eat there. Problem solved. No reason to prevent them from coming into an area because they aren't what you want. 
Will you eat at national chain restaurants? How about chains that got their start in Colorado? What chain restaurant would you like to see land in metro Denver?
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