Reader: I'm Angry That Brook's Closed Right After I Bought a $50 Gift Card

Denver's dining scene got off to a fast start in 2016, with Sushi Ronin winning honors as the first restaurant to open — and Brook's Steakhouse the first restaurant to close, on January 1. Twenty years ago, when Brook's opened in the former home of Chateau Pyrenees, it was one of the rare high-end spots in the Denver Tech Center. But today the area has plenty of competition, which owner Robert Melton cited in explaining the closure. But some readers aren't buying that — and one is concerned about a gift card she bought from Brook's just a week or so ago. Says Jeff:

The quality of the food had not kept up with the competition. That is the real reason they went out of business.

Adds Shawna:

 A couple years ago my hubby took me here. I was so excited because it had such a great reputation. It was a HUGE disappointment. I have had better steak at Chili's. The service was awful. Never went back.

Bonnie went back, though, and that's why she's particularly concerned about this closure. She writes:

I'm angry that I went in to Brook's right before Christmas and purchased a $50 gift card and gave it as a Christmas gift. That's really crappy of them to do. They should have said they had run out of them. Now my friend can't use it and I don't have a spare $50 to replace it.

Bah, humbug. Does anyone have an idea of what Bonnie should do? Have you ever been stuck holding a gift card for a dead restaurant?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.