Rhein Haus in LoDo — or is that SoDoSoPa?
Rhein Haus in LoDo — or is that SoDoSoPa?
Mark Antonation

Reader: Is Rhein Haus in SoDoSoPa?

The Seattle-based Rhein Haus just opened its second location, at 1415 Market Street. That's where Old Chicago had dispensed suds for more than twenty years before closing in March 2014 — and where Rhein Haus co-owner Rich Fox once worked. But before that, the building housed one of the town's hippest art galleries, back in the days when the old warehouse area was simply called lower downtown, not LoDo. Hip nicknames were the the subject of a recent South Park episode, which inspired this question about future Rhein Haus locations from DS:

Anything in Sodosopa, with views of historic kenny's house by, chance?

Adds Melissa: 

Much classier than Old Chicago.

Did you frequent LoDo's Old Chicago? Will you try Rhein Haus? And in case you missed it, you can see the excerpt from the South Park episode about SoDoSopa here:

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