Rosa Mia Inn — gone, but not forgotten.
Rosa Mia Inn — gone, but not forgotten.

Reader: It Will Be a Shame to See Rosa Mia Become Another Hipster, Douchebag Bar

Where are the true dive bars in this city? Since we published our updated list of the Ten Best Dive Bars in Denver a year ago, a couple of our favorites have closed. And last week Rosa Mia Inn, winner of our Best Dive Bar Happy Hour in the Best of Denver 2015 and a northwest Denver institution since 1966, shut its doors; the place is turning into the Nip & Sip. That's bad news, says Sherry:

The Rosa Mia was an "authentic" neighborhood bar. A great place to go and get away from trendy hipsters and bitter-tasting, overpriced microbrew beers. It was the kind of place you could enjoy hearing a great story, enjoy seeing something unexpected, or just nothing at all. It was unique because it was genuine: It wasn't pretty or fancy, but it was the real deal. It will be a complete shame to see it turned into just another hipster douchebag bar. There are plenty of bars you could have chosen to do this to in Denver; this is one that should have been allowed to survive as is, because it was a gem.

Did you ever go to the Rosa Mia Inn? What are the best dive bars still left in metro Denver? Pour out your nominations now — we'll be serving up our 2015 dive bar list later this week.

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