Reader: It's easy to be a vegetarian and not a jerk

Are vegetarians jerks? Or are the people serving vegetarians jerks? While Gretchen Kurtz liked many of the dishes at Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant, which she reviews this week, she found the service less than attentive. And on our arts blog, Bree Davies pondered the possibility of becoming a vegetarian -- but also worried that she might turn into a jerk.

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Says Christy:

It's easy to be a vegetarian and not a jerk. Just be the vegetarian but not the jerk. Seriously, though, vegetarianism is a choice and a sometimes-difficult one (meat is delicious and smells terrific) so just work on being at peace with that choice for yourself and don't think of it as your job to "spread the gospel". I don't offer my reasons to anyone unless they ask and then I say "for environmental and animal cruelty reasons" and I don't go into more detail unless interest is expressed in knowing more (never happened). Especially in Colorado, it's easier than you think. There are literally BBQ restaurants with vegetarian menus. I've never encountered a server or friend or party hostess who even blinked when I declined meat. It's a bit tougher in the south and midwest, where I travel for work, but it's mostly ok as long as you're in a city. I'm a pescatarian myself, and try to reserve fish for now-and-then, but it does make a nice fall-back in a dining situation where my only other option would be a baked potato and a limp salad.

Where do you go for vegetarian food in this town? Post your suggestions below, and read Bree Davies's original piece here.

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