Reader: It's Fat Tuesday...Where's Tom's Home Cookin' When You Need It?

It's Fat Tuesday, and diners will be letting the good times roll all over town. But Tom's Home Cookin', a longtime Southern cooking mainstay in Five Points that was a regular on our list of the Best Southern Food Restaurants in Denver, closed at the end of 2015, and its space will soon be taken over by a new concept from the founders of Park Burger, currently going by the name Birdcall. And in the meantime, diners are left to find another spot for Southern comfort today. Worries Cheryl:

 It's Fat Tuesday — where's Tom's Home Cookin' when you really need it?

Adds Ryan: 

I can't believe Tom's closed.

As for its replacement, Ruben concludes:

 Someone bought a building that housed a unique, memorable and valued member of the Denver food scene to create an unknown quantity "concept" that might not be there in two years — and maybe someone who loved that place is sad because it's gone.

Looking for a place to celebrate Fat Tuesday today? Not far from the former Tom's is NOLA Voodoo Tavern and Perks, which Chris Utterback recently visited for a happy hour stop...and the gumbo looks great.

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