Reader: Laura Shunk's review lacks substance...unlike this biscuit

While Jason Sheehan continues to stir up controversy from a thousand miles away ("sanctimonious prick" is among the labels recently slapped on him here), Laura Shunk is getting a grilling, too, for her recent review of the Atomic Cowboy and its related enterprises.

Here's how NachoLuva responded to Laura Shunk's latest:

Ms. Shunk, you've done it again! Thanks for another terrible review that had no substance. So we now know that you are insecure (from Village Cork review), a drunk, you can't write, and you have no taste. Is there any way to get Jason Sheehan to write from Seattle?

Hmm, seems to us that Sheehan was known to take a swig or two...or ten.

By the way, the Denver Biscuit Company will be serving any moment. A big plate of biscuits and gravy could do a lot to lighten NachoLuva's mood -- if not his digestive load.

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