The new First Watch location in Northglenn won't be the last.
The new First Watch location in Northglenn won't be the last.
First Watch

Reader: Let's Give First Watch a Denver Welcome by Supporting Our Local Options

First Watch, a Florida-based breakfast-and-lunch chain that got its start in California in 1983, opened its first Colorado restaurant last week in Northglenn. Over the next five years, the company plans to add seven more First Watch locations over the next five years along the Front Range, from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs — but that's far from the end of its inroads into Colorado. Last week First Watch also acquired the 114 locations of The Egg & I, a breakfast-and-lunch group based in Centennial. And that move doesn't sit well with some locals. Says Paul: 

Let's show them a Denver welcome by supporting our much better local options. Vote with your dollar.

Responds Manny:

They're not from Colorado...don't like them. That also includes migratory birds, any foods from out of CO, imported vehicles, or anything else from outside CO. I don't even care if the founders are combat vets. If they weren't born here in CO, then get out. (Sarcasm)

And then there's this from Staci: 

They can totally bring their banana-granola pancakes with them.

What do you think of the Egg & I? First Watch? Do you avoid chain restaurants? How about locally owned chain restaurants? You can respond here through Facebook or on Facebook itself, where these comments were posted.

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