Reader: Little Shanghai was the first restaurant my parents took me to as a newborn

The new spread fast yesterday: Little Shanghai has closed, after close to forty years on South Broadway. Ching Lei and her husband, Kim, had opened the restaurant in 1974, and in its heyday it had the strong support of regulars and hosted such out-of-towners as the Rolling Stones. But times and tastes change, and the most telling comment yesterday might have been this: "Oh wow...that's too bad. I feel bad I hadn't been there in a long time."

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But the memories live on.

Says Lindsey:

The very first restaurant my parents took me to as a newborn. My mother started going there when she was in college and it was only take out then. Sad to hear this news. Many fond memories and I will miss their steamed dumplings & Kung Pao Chicken!

Says spmarx:

Loved them. When my wife and I lived in Congress Park we could never remember the name but we knew it was something sort of typically kitschy -- so we took to calling it "Golden China Wok Dragon House of Imperial Lotus". (Somehow that became easier to remember than "Little Shanghai".) Sad days. We will miss it.

Says Kathleen:

So long. Little Shanghai. I have one very special memory of one very special night that started with dinner at Little Shanghai. I've never told a soul. I never will. So long.

Do you have a memory of Little Shanghai? Share it below -- and read many other comments here. And tell us: What Chinese restaurant do you go to these days?

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