Reader: Love Taita's pisco sours, but lower prices would sweeten lunch

Want to take a quick culinary trip this weekend? Try Taita, the Peruvian restaurant that Gretchen Kurtz reviews this week. In addition to the classic dishes of Peru, Taita serves up an interesting fusion that reflects the country's more recent culinary influences -- as well as the wide-ranging background of owner/chef Pepe Aparicio. But be prepared for a lonely lunch...and to open your wallet wide. See also: - Taita takes diners on an unexpected journey through Peruvian cuisine - Three favorite potato dishes in Denver: This spud's for you - Photos: Behind the scenes at Taita

Says Denver Dave:

We have been here several times and are quite smitten with the food and the pisco sours are amazing - the best I've had in Denver. Nice service but we have been the only two people in the place at lunch on two occasions. I think that has to do with the unfamiliarity of most Denver diners with the cuisine (especially in that neighborhood) and the high prices. Those pisco sours I love so much are $9 a pop. So, lunch for two has consistently run about $70+. I think it's worth it but I hear a lot of grumbling from others. It's a great place but I fear that the prices may sink them in their current location - certainly I expect lunch to go the way of the dodo shortly.

Maybe a few more pisco sours will help sweeten the bad taste left by that tab. Have you been to Taita? What did you think?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.