Reader: Nadia G. of the Bitchin' Kitchen is the most annoying woman on TV

Andy Martinez, the exec chef of Citron New World Bistro, isn't a fan of the Bitchin' Kitchen. In fact, for his recent Chef and Tell interview, he offered this in answer to the question of which celebrity chef should shut up:

The chick on the Cooking Channel's Bitchin' Kitchen. She actually does some cool stuff on the show, but her voice -- the New York accent -- if I had to spend ten minutes with her, I'd have to stuff a sock in her mouth. Keep cooking, but shut up.

Martinez may not be a fan of Bitchin' Kitchen, but he won a fan when Kimberly read that comment:

God bless America...he's spot on regarding his comment about Nadia G. from Bitchin' Kitchen!!! She has single-handedly replaced Giada de Laurentiis as the number one most annoying foodie woman on television in my humble opinion. Ina Garten comes in a close third....

Who's the most annoying foodie woman -- or man -- on television? Post your answer below.

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